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Opal Wonder Silver (Extra Large)

These Opal Wonders are our largest wings in the collection and truly a bold statement pair in opal hues for any occasion. These sustainably sourced abalone shell earrings are hand carved for over 10 hours and set in sterling silver detail creating the ultimate otherworldly accessory. 

Size: 8.7 cm / 3.4 inches from ear hook. 

Due to the unique beauty of nature and the individuality of each abalone shell the exact color patterns may vary slightly from the image shown here. 


Hand Carved with Love

Every piece is hand carved for 12 hou rs and then coated in 24 karat gold , 3 micron rose gold or sterling silver to create the ultimate other worldly accessory – rare, beautiful and enchanting.

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Every Shell is Unique

Inspired by the ethereal, each piece i n the 1 1 | 1 1 collection is created from sustainable, ethically sourced shells from a Balinese pearl farm. As intended by nature, no two shells in the ocean are the same, which is why every pair of angel wings is completely unique.

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extra large silver angel wing earrings