Hello, Beautiful Angel! 

I'm Lisa Marie Schneider, a dreamer, and creator, inviting you into my world of LALIMALU, where every piece tells a story, and every story is an invitation to fly on the wings of your dreams.

LALIMALU’s story is a reflection of my own life - a path filled with passion, creativity, and a strong connection to something beyond, which has been with me since I was a dreamy child in Cape Town, South Africa.

Every design from LALIMALU is created with deep intention, embodying love, hope, strength, and freedom.

Originating from Bali, the island of the Gods, they are crafted not just to adorn but to empower, to resonate with the soul, and to remind you of your inner strength and the invisible threads that connect us all.

In Bali, I work closely with local families to preserve the ancient craft of shell carving, a skill now held by only a few people worldwide. 

This collaboration isn't just about creating beautiful jewelry, it's about supporting entire communities and safeguarding traditional crafts passed down through generations, crafts that are at risk of disappearing in today's fast-paced world.

So, from me to you, welcome to LALIMALU. Here, every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, inviting you to join in a dance of life that is vibrant, sacred, and profoundly beautiful.

Welcome to a place where your dreams take flight, guided by the beauty of your inner divinity.

With all my heart,
Lisa Marie Schneider