LALIMALU dances to a tribal beat that calls to the vibrant, conscious and free-spirited. Designer for her, a vibrant soul who invokes femininity and consciousness as she journey’s across beaches, fields and concrete jungles. At LALIMALU we design, carve and create for her. Sustainability and quality are at our heart, with every piece in the LALIMALU manufactured consciously and with care. 

LALIMALU is the creation of model/actress and designer Lisa-Marie Schneider. Being a former model of 15 years, and South africa’s first woman to be the face of Guess Jeans as well as Roberto Cavalli’s muse, and many other fashion houses, Lisa Marie is no stranger to the fashion world. She has always been drawn to the healing properties and the energies of crystals, now a key element in her designs. Her design influence stems from the ancient traditions of Africa and it’s symbolism, white magic, mysticism, and the yogic secrets to a blissful life. A trained dancer and experienced yogi, Lisa-Marie began adorning her body when practicing routines, to help her align her chakras. What began as a love for crystals, evolved into what is today, LALIMALU.